Scam Investment Companies

Scam investment companies often make it difficult to withdraw your earnings. In some cases, you’ll be required to get authorisation from the company’s account manager. You may also need to make additional investments or pay a fee to do so. In other cases, they’ll allow you to make small withdrawals to convince you of the legitimacy of the service. But if you try to withdraw all your earnings, you’ll probably be charged with a fee or unable to do so at all.

Scam investment companies are usually run by Nigerians, who pose as Europeans and promise high returns in a short period of time. It can be difficult to tell if a scam company is legitimate or not. However, if the company claims to be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, it’s a scam. Beware of companies that make such claims and never invest with them. Instead, you should contact the Securities and Exchange Commission to protect yourself from fraudulent investment schemes.

Scam investment companies can also be characterized by the fact that they prey on the ignorance of investors and make it difficult to withdraw your earnings. They usually require authorisation from an account manager and require you to make further investments. Sometimes, the promoters will allow you to withdraw small amounts initially to fool you into investing with them. Ultimately, the payments will stop once they spend all of the money you invested. In such cases, you will find yourself with nothing to show for your efforts.